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At The Scene of The Crime

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an investigator at a crime scene? How do they wade through all of the clues and decide which ones point to the suspect and ones that were placed there to throw them off track? Our interactive detective and mystery stories allow you to become the investigator. Exercise your powers of logic as well as learn to trust your most basic of instincts. You can even walk in Sherlock Holmes’ shoes as he meticulously gathers evidence, solves puzzles and eventually finds the devious suspect who planned the insidious crime. You won’t want to miss out on this unique challenge!


Easy To Use

Inebooks are easy to put down and pick up because they automatically load to the page where you last left off. Portability and platform flexibility are natural features of an inebook. Simply download the platform that suits your needs: Palm OS®, Pocket PC or Windows. After you choose your favorite platform, pick any title that interests you and download a demo version.
All of our books may be previewed before purchasing and are easy to install. Furthermore, new inebooks are regularly added to our inventory.

Presenting Jurassic Adventure
Detective Titles

more info Jurassic Adventure
free  demo
You are a research physicist named Jonathan Stone. It is the year 2150, and you are about to embark on a great journey, a journey into the unknown.

In front of you is the Professor’s time machine. The dials are locked on a specific date - a date one hundred and fifty million years into the past. This will be your destination, searching for your mentor and friend…


more info Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles free  demo
Sir Charles Baskerville has died in mysterious circumstances in England's West Country. An old friend of the family asks Sherlock Holmes for help, believing that his heir, Sir Henry Baskerville, is in mortal danger.

Can you assume the mantle of the world's foremost consulting detective and solve the mystery surrounding the Hound of the Baskervilles?


more info Dames are Trouble
free  demo
Your name is Jim Novak and you're a private investigator. You happened to fall into a trap that you warn your clients against -- you fell for a beautiful gal with a taste for money. You had some good times, but when the cash ran out, so did she. As a goodbye present she stole what little loot you had left, your car and whatever dignity you had remaining.


more info Hector James
free  demo
In London of 1930 Hector James, journalist and sleuth, was the star of Fleet Street. Over the course of an eventful week you must guide him in sifting through the clues and red herrings, foiling the villains, saving damsels in distress and scooping your newspaper rivals.


more info Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases
free  demo
Imagine if you could play the part of the great detective by solving three fiendishly clever crimes! Can you sift the fishy clues from the red herrings?

You can try and be the foremost detective in the world....
There are THREE intriguing and totally different mysteries to solve.


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