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Inebooks by Genre


Inebooks covers as rich a territory as much as ordinary 'linear' fiction does. The list below lets you peruse our inebooks by genre.

- Adventure
- Humorous
- Detective
- Fantasy
- Childrens
- Classic Fiction


What are inebooks?

Inebooks take you beyond conventional passive reading to a new concept of interactive enjoyment. You become the hero of your favourite books, with a choice of multiple storylines that lead to a variety of different endings.
You are totally in command. If your first decision doesnít work out, simply choose another until you have the most satisfying answer. Youíll soon become as creative as the authors themselves!
Inebooks are ideal for banishing boredom. Bring them out when you have a crowded commute, a boring meeting, a tedious wait or simply time to fill in.
We regularly add new titles, so why not bookmark this website to keep track of the latest releases?


Take Control of your Reading

Have you ever wanted to take charge of your hero's actions while reading a book? With ordinary novels you donít have that option. But you do with an inebook. Interactive fiction puts you in the directorís chair as you pick and choose your heroís struggles, solve puzzles, decipher cryptic messages and search for secret clues.
Inebooks can be reread and replayed over and over giving you a fresh version each time.



For the game fans amongst you inebooks has a sister site, inegames. You'll find Adventure, Puzzle and Strategy games to entertain you for hours.


Easy To Use

Inebooks are easy to put down and pick up because they automatically load to the page where you last left off. Portability and platform flexibility are natural features of an inebook. Simply download the platform that suits your needs: Palm OS®, Pocket PC or Windows. After you choose your favorite platform, pick any title that interests you and download a demo version.
All of our books may be previewed before purchasing and are easy to install. Furthermore, new inebooks are regularly added to our inventory.

Recent News Items

A new book from our successful author Michael Zerbo
A FREE short book by Michael Zerbo
A new author produces a Cowboy story
Another fantasy title by Phillip Brinkerhoff
A new book by best selling author Andrew George

News Archive

A new book from our successful author Michael Zerbo

13 Feb 2007

Michael Zerbo's third book for Interactive E Books.

You are a research physicist named Jonathan Stone. You are standing in the Professor's modest, but well equipped laboratory. It is the year 2150, and you are about to embark on a great journey, a journey into the unknown.

Jurassic Adventure is available now for Palm, Pocket PC and Standard PC from


A FREE short book by Michael Zerbo

01 Jan 2006

Michael Zerbo's second book for Interactive E Books and its FREE.

Your name is Jim Novak and you're a private investigator. You happened to fall into a trap that you warn your clients against -- you fell for a beautiful gal with a taste for money. You had some good times, but when the cash ran out, so did she. As a goodbye present she stole what little loot you had left, your car and whatever dignity you had remaining.

Dames are Trouble is available now for Palm and Pocket PC from


A new author produces a Cowboy story

01 Apr 2005

Michael Zerbo's first book for Interactive E Books.

Take the role of Tom McAllister, a former Pinkerton agent, as you travel to a near-desolated mining town in search of your brother. Visit the local saloon, interact with townsfolk, and look for clues, as you investigate a mystery while trying to stay alive yourself -- and don't forget to bring along your six-shooter!

Dry Gulch is available now for Palm, Pocket PC and Windows PCs from


Another fantasy title by Phillip Brinkerhoff

20 Nov 2004

Another book by prolific author Phillip Brinkerhoff, this is the first part of a Fantasy Trilogy.

There has been 500 years of peace and harmony in the Lands of Delorian, until your hometown of Vandor is mysteriously destroyed. The assailants left no traces of their presence, or any evidence for you to find. Oddly, your master Markinson, a Paladin serving King Harnisch the IV has not returned home. As the soul survivor you set out on a wild adventure to find your missing master and answers to the mysterious destruction of Vandor.

The Shadow's Rage is available now for Palm, Pocket PC and Windows PCs from


A new book by best selling author Andrew George

06 Oct 2004

A new humorous inebook by best selling author of A Daiy in the Life!

Would you phone a number seen on your TV for a free holiday?
Are you fit enough to pass the gym tests?
What goes wrong when you get there?
Against the Odds is an Island jungle adventure in the same style as A Day in the Life with all the comic possibilities for you and your only helper, Harry. Is Harry really just an air steward?
How come you find a talking log are you imagining things or on some kind of drugs?

Against the Odds is available now for Palm, Pocket PC and Windows PCs from


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