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The Testing
free  demo Interactive Author: Phillip Brinkerhoff


The long awaited sequel to The Shadow's Rage comes with over 200 exciting illustrations.

In The Shadow's Rage, you managed to defeat Salikat and rescue magical artefacts, used in the last battle with The Emperor Zane, from 500 years ago. In that battle Christianik used the sword and shield you now hold. This is why you are called "The Chosen One".

You must now go before the King who is the only person who can make you a knight. He can also make you a Paladin like your mentor Markinson. You have acquired a powerful friend in Maddox the great magician, who also helped Christianik.

Lands of Delorian web site
Can you a solve enough of the King's problems to become a Paladin?

Can you lead the King's knights and other allies to victory against the evil Shadow Force?

In fact can you pass The Testing?
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